Why is John Running for House District 80?

Why is John Running for House District 80?

I'm tired of the tax & spend mentality that dominates Louisiana politics.  Here are a few facts:

  • We have the highest average (state and local) sales tax in the NATION!  Why?
  • From 2016 to 2018 Louisiana has passed over TWO DOZEN PERMANENT TAX INCREASES ON BUSINESSES!
    • Taxes on Louisiana businesses have increased by 12.5% over this period.  Those taxes are passed on to consumers
    • Louisiana businesses now pay 5% more than the national average.
    • There were "temporary" business tax increases that may or may not expire.
    • This stunts growth and is a major factor on why businesses don't want to relocate here.
  • Every year so-called "Republican" legislators introduce bills to increase the gasoline tax.  The proposal was 18 cents per gallon last year!  Do you really need to pay 18 cents more per gallon?
  • Our state budget has increased by 7 BILLION DOLLARS during the John Bel Edwards administration, and our "Republican" legislature was complicit in helping him.  Slightly larger states like Colorado and South Carolina (who have the same number of electoral votes that we do) made do with 2 to 3 billion dollars less, and they have better infrastructures!


Does any of this make sense to you?  Me either.

Are you better off now that we're spending 7 BILLION dollars more?